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MFRUIT SRL is a family business, specialising in the production, packing, commercialization and exportation of citric fruit (mandarins, oranges and lemons). We stand out for offering a high-quality product, for honouring our agreed commitments, for ensuring a distribution according to our customers’ needs and, above all, for having 30 years’ experience in the field. Jorge A.Morresi, founder-member of the company, his wife Norma and his sons Matías and Federico are in charge of assisting customers. They are the ones who will be following and checking not only the fruit production but also its commercialization, enabling them to offer the best service to their customers.

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Jorge A. Morresi

He was born on 14th January 1952 in San Pedro in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. When he was twenty years old, he started working in the fruit industry. He first bought and sold fruit with his lorry in different cities in Argentina. Over time, he opened a stall in Buenos Aires market where he sold the citrus fruit and peaches sent to him from San Pedro. It is here where he acquired the necessary knowledge to be successful in this industry. The economic crisis at the time forced him to return to San Pedro in 1981 and he started building a small packing plant.

With this plant, he could offer a packing service which allowed him to grow not only in infrastructure but also in his own fruit production.

With the arrival of his sons Matías and Federico to the company, MFruit has established itself as a citric exporting company with major customers in Argentina and abroad. The company´s steady growth is enabling them to develop new markets and achieve the primary objective of having the best quality in the market.

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We have our own packing house which includes 2.800 m2 of covered area and a line of high technology machines that let us process about 100.000 kg of fruit per day. The same plant has 1000 m2 of cold storage and a de-greening area that allows us to keep the fruit well-preserved until the time of dispatch or consumption. We also have almost two blocks of open space and warehouses to guarantee efficient logistics.

Our packing house is strategically situated in Argentina. It is located in San Pedro, near the main fruit cargo ports, which enables us to dispatch very fresh fruit.

The production line where the fruit is washed, waxed, dried, selected, measured and packed is permanently checked by Jorge A. Morresi himself and his son Federico. Both of them are in charge of making the necessary improvements to ensure that the packed fruit is of excellent quality.

Our packing service, together with our harvest service, cold storage and sales strategyguarantee to clients that the product is always managed by our company, from the beginning of the processuntil it reaches its destination.

  • Morresi Fruit SRL

We have 200 hectares of land for our own production which have been planted and taken care of from the very beginning by ourselves. This land is constantly being treated and cared for to ensure the best quality and obtain the best out of the fruit by the time it reaches the packing stage.
Plant care is of paramount importance and it is therefore one of our priorities at the time of deciding where to invest our resources. Jorge Morresi himself looks over the orchards, making use of his 30 years’ experience in the field. He decides what steps are to be followed with the help and assistance of our agronomists. We produce oranges, lemons, mandarins and peaches.

To satisfy our customers’ needs and meet the demands of the international market we also rent orchards under long term contracts. This enables us to invest in the rented lands and give them the same sanitary treatment we give our own.

As well, we get fruit from local producers who have been selected for their quality and the care they give to their orchards. We try to keep the same producers each year to ensure that the same procedures are followed in order to obtain the best quality during fruit harvesting.