Morresi Fruit is located in San Pedro, in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is a city privileged by its land, climate and geographical location and therefore an ideal place for the production of citric fruit and peaches.

Land fertility, the plain of the area and its climate, cold in winter and hot in summer with a high percentage of moisture make the microclimate of the place ideal for the production of these kinds of fruit.

San Pedro city is 160 kilometres away from Rosario City, 578 kilometres away from Mar del Plata, 546 kilometres away from Córdoba, 342 kilometres away from Santa Fe and 350 kilometres away from Parana. San Pedro has a privileged location not only for fruit production but also for its distribution. There are less than 600 kilometres to reach the 70% of the country’s population.

San Pedro has its own port and this enables us to ship the fruit that is sent abroad. It also has alternate ports in Rosario (150 kilometres away), Campana (95 kilometres away) and Buenos Aires (160 kilometres away). In this way the highest traffic volume of ships anchor in our country and are within our reach.